Substance – no fiz, no glitz, no bling – just experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated and personable professionals that know their jobs and are eager to help.

Our lead investigators are Joy Noonan and Roger Beaudry. To find out more about any of the APTUS investigation team, click on their respective photos below:


Joy Noonan

Roger Beaudry

Roger Beaudry










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Preventing and resolving disputes is challenging work. Many say they can help. Few deliver. Still fewer deliver in a cost effective way. At Aptus we provide experienced, reliable, trustworthy and fair professionals that take the right cost effective approach to solving your problem.

Adaptive – forget one size fits all – we adapt to your circumstances and blend seamlessly targeted solutions that are right for you and your situation.

Conflict can be complex. Circumstances, like the nature of the dispute, the personalities, past dealings, the emotional context, the cultural setting, budgetary restrictions, and outside influences all have an effect on how the matter needs to be dealt with. Our experienced professionals are used to dealing with complex dynamics. They are adept at seeing the forest – not just the trees – and can help you diagnose what is going wrong. They take a multidisciplinary approach to dealing with conflict, matching the right type of intervention to the problem, and adapting it to the circumstances. It is all about providing you with a cost effective action plan that is focussed on sustainable solutions.


Our fees can vary as a function of a number of factors. We adjust and adapt our fees so that they fit fairly into the circumstances of the client and the work that must be done. As a result, the information on our website should be seen as a guide of what might happen in generic circumstances, and not as what will necessarily be applicable to you. We provide detailed quotes and a detailed statement of fees to clients prior to doing any work. Please contact us for a quote that is specific to your situation.

For more information on our fees please click the links below:

The cost of team coaching, workplace restoration interventions, partnering, organizational development, negotiation preparation, ombuds services and other services can vary significantly. Please contact us for a quote that is specific to your circumstances.

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