Ms. Noonan’s coaching involves a very personalized mix of law, policy, mindful awareness and training on what workplace respect and civility looks like in practice in this today’s Canadian reality. Ms. Noonan’s works with individual leaders as a peer, and an expert confidante on these crucial ‘EQ related’ matters. She typically suggests planning four sessions to start, but finds that a number of those early clients still rely on a quarterly ‘check in’ or keep her as their ‘confidential go to person’ when they find themselves off balance.


Given Ms. Noonan’s experience in the area (and likely as a result of more than a few speaking engagements on the topic!), several years ago various senior leaders began reaching out to her, often of their own volition, for help in increasing their own awareness of this evolving legal landscape and how to operate better within it – both for their organizations, and for themselves.

For those who entered the workforce decades ago, today’s legislated requirements re appropriateness in workplaces can be confusing and, moreover, can get them into some seriously problematic situations. She has watched in recent years as a number of otherwise strong performing Presidents and CEOs have been removed from their positions, typically after an investigation, as a result of a lack of awareness of their impacts. Senior management and Boards of Directors must take the requirement to ensure harassment free workplaces very seriously, and the potential liability for not doing so is significant and growing.

What is considered socially acceptable in workplaces has shifted dramatically since the introduction of Bill 168 and the resulting changes to the Occupational Health & Safety Act in Ontario. Federally, the pressure to update and vigorously enforce harassment legislation and respectful workplace policies quickly followed. Generation X’ers and Millennials simply will not tolerate behaviours in workplaces that feel like bullying or harassment, regardless of their source.


Ms. Noonan comes to conflict coaching as a lawyer, a labour mediator/arbitrator – and as someone who has also held a high level leadership role within a national law firm. At this point in her work as a neutral, Ms. Noonan has conducted over 300 workplace investigations; most of them involving workplace harassment allegations.

Joy is also a Senior Facilitator with “The Potential Project” and is available to give keynotes, 1/2 and full day workshops, as well as multi-week TPP programs on cultivating and maintaining focus and calm in today’s frenzied, multi-tasked, always-on work world. Those arrangement can be made through APTUS or through The Potential Project http://potentialproject.com.hk/en/country/canada/


Please contact Ms. Noonan at joy@aptusrx.com

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