Our arbitrators are a quick, fair and cost effective alternative to the court process.

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We are quicker:

The court process is complicated and time consuming. It can take years to resolve a case in court. Our arbitrators help disputants structure the arbitration process in ways that simplify processing the case and save valuable time. With one of our arbitrators you can have a binding decision in months rather than years.

We give you choice:

In court, you do not get to pick the judge. The judge gets assigned to the case. In arbitration, you get to pick the person that will render the decision and you can pick someone you trust.

We are more cost effective:

The court process is very expensive. Our arbitrators help the parties obtain a more cost effective result.

We provide a binding result:

The decisions of our arbitrators bind the parties in the same way as a court judgment. After the arbitration, our arbitrator’s decision can be filed in court. Once this is done, the decision is enforceable in the same way as a court judgment.

We provide finality:

If you win in court, the matter may still not be over because the other side can often appeal the decision to a higher court. In some cases, appeals can be more costly and take more time than obtaining the decision appealed. If the parties wish it, they can agree that there will be no appeals from our arbitrator’s decision.

We provide flexibility:

The court process is one size fits all. The arbitration process is flexible. Our arbitrators can adapt the process to the needs of the dispute and those involved in it.

We provide privacy:

Whatever happens in court is public. Going to court is like airing your dirty laundry in public. Arbitration is typically private. If the parties wish it, nobody else need know the decision or what is said or done during the arbitration.

We enhance the chances of preserving important relationships:

The court process destroys business and other relationships. While any third party decision making process puts a strain on relationships, our arbitrators can enhance the chances of preserving important relationships.

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