We reduce abrasion in the workplace by helping abrasive bosses change their management style.

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Some bosses have a style of interaction that can inflict emotional distress on workers. That distress can have significant operational costs for an organization in the form of disrupted production, stress leaves, unresolved conflict and lost opportunities. Abrasiveness (styles of interaction that cause psychological trauma) can also amount to workplace harassment and result in legal consequences and/or liability for the abrasive boss and/or the organization. Moreover, abrasiveness is counterproductive in the sense that it is typically ineffective at motivating employees to maximize production.

Harassment investigations, letters of expectation, reprimands and/or suspensions tend to be ineffective at helping some abrasive bosses achieve lasting behavioural change because these bosses are unable on their own to effect a change in their management style even when threatened with discipline. Respectful workplace or harassment awareness training and the like are often insufficient because they typically focus on imparting knowledge rather than on building skills and effecting a change in management style.

Our Executive Abrasion Reduction (EAR) Coaching is based on the work and research of Dr. Laura Crawshaw (a style of executive coaching also known as Boss Whispering). It has a proven track record of consistently helping abrasive bosses change their approach. We provide executive coaching services to problem bosses that is focused on helping them avoid abrasive approaches and become more effective at motivating workers. We see our job as reducing workplace abrasion by empowering those we work with to replace their abrasiveness with techniques that are much more effective at achieving their management goals and motivating employees.

In most cases, Executive Abrasion Reduction (EAR) Coaching is no more costly than a harassment investigation and it holds much more potential for effecting positive change in the workplace.

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