Our facilitators can help you achieve your objectives. They focus on the four P’s of effective facilitations: Purpose, Product, People and Process.

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Purpose: Good facilitations are focused on their Purpose

Is the Purpose of the facilitation to inform, to hear concerns, to resolve issues, to make decisions, to share information, to defuse tension? An effective facilitator designs a facilitation and navigates it as a function of its Purpose.

Product: Good facilitations are Product driven

Will the Product of the facilitation be a report, the dissemination of information, an understanding, an agreement? It is the facilitator’s job to deliver the Product.

People: Good facilitations have the right People in attendance

If, for example, the Purpose is to inform, those that have the information and those that are to be informed should be in attendance. If the Product is to be an agreement it is helpful to have in attendance those who have the authority to agree. We help clients focus on making sure that the right people are in attendance by focusing them on who they need to have present to achieve their Purpose and generate the Product.

Process: Good facilitations have good Processes

We design and implement Processes that are adapted and sensitive to the needs of the People, that are focused on achieving the Purpose, and that deliver the Product. It’s all about implementing dynamic and facilitative Processes that engage the People, generate buy-in to the Purpose, and promote the Product.

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