Investigating complaints of workplace wrongdoing (for example, sexual harassment or personal harassment) is a minefield that our experienced workplace investigators can help you navigate.

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Complaints of employee misbehaviour can come from within a workplace, such as an employee or former employee complaining against another, or from the outside, such as when a client alleges mistreatment at the hands of an employee. Whether it is an allegation or suspicion that an employee has been involved in sexual harassment or personal harassment, or that a child has been abused by a daycare worker, organizations face huge challenges in responding fairly, proportionately, constructively and in keeping with applicable law.

The courts are imposing ever greater obligations on organizations to investigate and deal with allegations of workplace wrongdoing, and to protect victims and potential victims. At the same time, they have sharpened the rights of employees targeted by workplace investigations and hammered organizations where there is evidence that an investigation of alleged wrongdoing has not been appropriately handled. Poorly run workplace investigations are an increasing source of liability and cost for organizations.

As former labour lawyers, now working as workplace investigators, mediators and arbitrators, Roger Beaudry and Joy Noonan provide timely, effective and fair investigations that draw the right conclusions.

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