Our team coaches/team builders can help your team achieve better results.

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Our philosophy:

Teams exist to produce results. Our job is to help them do that.

Our approach:

We typically take a team coaching approach. We help the team diagnose what it needs to do to improve performance and we coach it through the needed changes. Our coaches use a facilitative approach that allows the team to function within an effective leadership structure that maximizes constructive input from all team members.

How we typically conduct a team coaching intervention:

Members of the team complete the online Team Diagnostic Assessment – an anonymous questionnaire that measures the Seven Positivity Strengths (Resources, Alignment, Goals/Strategies, Leadership, Accountability, Proactivity and Decision Making) and the Seven Productivity Strengths (Trust, Constructive Interaction, Optimism, Respect, Communication, Camaraderie and Deep Democracy).

The results are compiled and summarized in a report. Our coach diagnoses the team’s situation, in part relying on the report, as well as an intervention that is targeted to the needs of the team. An intervention will most often involve a facilitated group session with the team (two to four days) during which:

The results of the diagnostic assessment are progressively revealed to the team members: We facilitate a discussion about the results, what to do about them and how to do it; and, we coach the team through the design of a practical and effective plan of action to enhance results.

Following the facilitated session we coach the team through the implementation of its action plan (typically 6 months).At the end of the implementation the team members take the Team Diagnostic Assessment over again to evaluate the results/changes and to plan out any further changes that might be needed.

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