Employees who are unable to function effectively because they are focused more on problems among themselves than on accomplishing common goals are a drain on the workplace. We are experts at preventing this kind of disintegration and at reintegrating an appropriate work atmosphere when it has disintegrated.

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Our Approach

Most specialists called in to deal with sick workplaces take a one dimensional approach: a human resources consultant focuses on human resource approaches to the problem, a mediator focuses mediating disputes, a team builder focuses on team building, a coach focuses on coaching individuals or the team, a trainer focuses on instilling specific skills, etc…

Rather than take any one of those perspectives, we take them all into consideration.  Our multidisciplinary approach spans and rearranges aspects of human resource management, alternative dispute resolution, team building, team coaching, negotiation, mediation, investigation, training, dispute resolution systems design, partnering and coaching into a comprehensive tailored strategy for building and maintaining a persistent collaborative work atmosphere. Rather than focus on the solutions any one discipline might provide or on band-aid, partial or short-term solutions, we focus on identifying the root causes and draw on all available disciplines to implement practical solutions that rebuild collaboration.

How a Workplace Restoration Might Unfold

A workplace restoration can take many different forms depending on the root causes of the situation, those involved and the challenges that need to be addressed.

At the outset, a combination of meetings with those concerned and questionnaires is often used to investigate and diagnose the root causes of the situation. Once we have a good handle on the problem, we create and propose an action plan focused on dealing with the root causes and reestablishing a collaborative atmosphere. An action plan might include one or more of the measures below.

(1) A Workplace Restoration Retreat

A retreat can be a good way to create buy-in and momentum for change. A retreat can merge elements of team building, team coaching, mediation, training and strategic planning. Each Retreat is tailored to the situation. In most cases, the affected employees meet in a workshop setting and go through exercises that are focused on helping them understand the root causes of their situation, set goals for achieving the needed change, generate agreement on a practical plan to achieve that change, promote buy-in, and instill needed skills and knowledge. The goal is to end the retreat with buy-in to a Restoration Plan.

(2) A Restoration Plan

To create a collaborative work atmosphere, and maintain it, workplaces typically have to make practical changes to how they function. A Restoration Plan sets out practical hands-on structures, protocols and ways of functioning that promote change and a collaborative work atmosphere. A good Restoration Plan goes beyond stating bare values and hopes for the future. It implements realistic, practical, achievable and measurable structures and ways of functioning designed to ensure change, prevent conflicts and resolve future issues before they get out of hand. Most Restoration Plans also contain mechanisms to monitor and measure progress in achieving desired change.

(3) Mediation 

To work well together employees must usually resolve outstanding disputes. Mediation can be a useful tool to resolve disputes and to generate agreements that support a collaborative approach for the future.

(4) Training

Collaboration in the workplace will often require a change in skills, perspectives and knowledge. Training can often help those involved better understand how the situation developed and how to avoid problems in the future. It can also be a great tool to generate buy-in.

(5) Coaching

The challenge of restoring a collaborative work atmosphere can be overwhelming. An experienced executive coach can help a manager navigate the difficult task of juggling a restoration. A team coach can provide the same sort of support to the team as a whole.


As stated above, we take a multidisciplinary and tailored approach to dealing with sick workplaces. Depending upon the circumstance, we might recommend one, two or all of the solutions set out above, and/or others. We then help you implement them. The idea is to address the root causes of the problem with cost effective solutions that will ensure a lasting collaborative work atmosphere.

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