In this two day course participants learn how to have difficult workplace conversations in constructive ways.

Whether it’s addressing an employee’s poor performance, dealing with a difficult co-worker or customer, or reacting to any other workplace conflict situation, difficult conversations are a common challenge in the workplace. Many avoid these conversations by shutting down and simply not having them. Others have them in an unnecessarily aggressive way. Still others overly water down and over soften their message while having the conversation. In all these cases, what needs to be said does not get through and the person that needs to have the conversation does not achieve their goal of addressing the problem at hand and making the workplace more functional. Worse, dealing with situations in this way encourages the matter to fester and ultimately increases the risk of it spiralling into an unconstructive and costly dispute.

The key to having difficult workplace conversations is to learn to conduct them in a collaborative way, i.e., in a way that allows the other person to hear the message firmly and clearly, that minimizes unnecessary conflict, and that is focused on generating practical and workable solutions to the problem at hand. The Having Difficult Conversations in a Collaborative Way workshop is designed to help managers and others in the workplace have difficult workplace conversations in that way.

Here are some of the things we cover in the workshop:

  • How to start difficult conversations
  • How to talk about what happened in a constructive way
  • How to deal with identity issues
  • How to deal with strong emotions
  • How to transition from instinctive emotional responses to reasoned strategic responses
  • How to disentangle impact and intention
  • How to focus on interests rather than positions
  • How to deal with workplace toxins that encourage unconstructive communication
  • How to deal with unreasonable expectations
  • How to have the conversation and still maintain and even build the relationship
  • How to generate options for resolution
  • How to be facilitative rather than evaluative
  • How to listen interactively
  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • How to deal with the situation if they do not want to play ball
  • How to be hard on the problem but soft on the people


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The ‘Having Difficult Workplace Conversations in a Collaborative Way’ course is currently only offered to organizations as a customized in-house workshop. Please contact Roger Beaudry at to have Roger design a customized course that meets the specific needs of your organization.

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Our courses are also offered in French.

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